Fastpad 3

Fastpad 3

Fastpad 3 has been designed specifically for iOS 7.

Fastpad is the fastest way to write messages, emails, tweets and status updates on your device. You can type with the standard keyboard or with the keypad (T9 or Multi-tap). Use templates and snippets to quickly compose a message and choose one of the built-in export options to easily send or share your message.


  • Type with the standard keyboard or with the keypad keyboard* (T9 or Multi-tap)
  • T9 dictionary in 11 languages : English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese
  • A custom T9 dictionary to add your own words
  • Quickly send/share your message (SMS, iMessage, email, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Quickly search and select recipient(s)
  • Use Templates and Snippets for words or sentences you frequently use.
  • Smart date snippets


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